HERBASVIT - a family entrepreneurship, that has been engaged in wholesale trading and export since 1999, wholesale trading of wild-grown, cultivated medicinal herbs since 2016. We are engaged in harvesting, purchase, partial processing, packing and distribution of dried herbal raw materials. Collaborating also with local farmers, situated in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine, we endeavour to constantly broaden the product variety. The production is used in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries.

In addition, we keep continuous contact with our manufacturers and suppliers. Hence, it has led to a trusting and long lasting collaboration, reflecting on the quality.

Credibility, reliability and high quality production are our working principles. Whoever works with us can confirm it. We are focused on long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

working transparently & in good faith

1. Conducting a Foreign Trade Contract with the buyer on INCOTERMS 2020.

2. We supply a batch of goods along with this package of documents:

- Export declaration



- Packing list

- State Phytosanitary Certificate

3. You obtain the production.